An economical solution to recessed linear lighting...

The BusRun Coves line

features recessed fixtures with adjustable aiming angles in multiple lamp configurations for continuous runs. Available with choice of slider or gimbal ring mounted fixtures.

BusRun Coves can be specified and constructed as a single sided cove to wallwash a perimeter wall.

BusRun Coves can also be specified as a double sided cove providing even more wallwash or object lighting options.

An example of double

sided BusRun Coves

installed in Salvatore Ferragamo, 5th Avenue,


Halogen/LED Replacement Fixtures

Consult Litelab for a line of BusRun halogen/LED replacement cove fixtures.

Metal Halide Fixtures

Consult Litelab for a line of BusRun metal halide cove fixtures.

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