Get more function from your BusRun system...

BusRun Current Limiter

Designed to help comply with modern energy conservation codes, integral BusRun Current Limiter Feeds incorporate

a tamper-resistant circuit breaker.

Loadmatic Hanger

Loadmatic Hangers allow suspended loads of up to 100lbs/45kgs from Litelab Loadmatic Busway models in a fixed and secure manner.

BusRun Signhanger

Can be plugged into BusRun lengths, Struts, Bridges or BusPoints to support up to 40lb [18kg] static, vertical load.

BusRun PowerDown

PowerDown boxes are available with breakers up to 30amps or fuses up to 20amps. Breaker style is provided with knockouts, and fused style is provided with 3-prong Edison receptacle, twist lock receptacle or cable clamp.

BusRun Bridges

Bridges are portable, plug-in, cross-pieces for use between permanent BusRun lengths.

BusRun PowerTaps

Field-attached to approved lighting fixture, for power only (support by other device). Fitting at one end of woven stainless steel-enclosed cable, leads at opposite end.

Low Voltage

Power Supplies

Using 1/3 the number of transformers and feeds, low-voltage BusRun busway enables the designer to specify low-profile fixtures with remote transformers, for a practical solution with significant savings.

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